Allegory Media: We Tell Stories That Matter.


Today we thought we would share our story: the story of Allegory Media Foundation.

Allegory’s mission is to make entertainment and media content that furthers the missions of other charitable organizations and causes by telling the stories they live every day. Stories are important. They matter. Telling the story of your life or your business gives you agency in the world. It offers others a way to relate to you in a way that statistics and data just touch.

Allegory founders Megahn Perry & Katherine Brown

Allegory founders Megahn Perry & Katherine Brown


Just over a year ago, our own story began. Katherine and Megahn decided to take a much- needed break from motherhood and spent the weekend hanging out together at a local hotel pool.

As long-time entertainment professionals, they both had significant experience telling stories of various kinds and wanted to figure out a way to go back to storytelling, without heading back into the traditional Hollywood grind. Katherine approached Megahn with an idea: “What if we started our own 501(c)3 and made it our mission to partner with other non-profits and charitable organizations to make great, meaningful entertainment and media content that related to THEIR mission while simultaneously including them in the profit share? We get to make the kind of content we want to make, while great organizations reap the benefits along with us!”

Megahn had been looking for an opportunity to use her entertainment skill set for good for a very long time and she leaped at the opportunity to help Katherine turn this idea into a reality. So, they did.


And it became Allegory Media Foundation, which, in less than a year has turned into an amazing experience of starting to help all kinds of organizations get their message across. And that’s Allegory’s story. But we can’t do it alone. As Allegory grows larger, our services have also grown and we need help to keep doing what we are doing. If you’re so inclined, please take a look at Allegory and tell your friends. Subscribe to the Upside, repost, Tweet about us, share on Facebook, and donate if you can. Help Allegory keep telling stories that matter. Thank you!