In Times Like These, What Can One Kid Do?

What can one kid do? A LOT, as it turns out! Kids are amazing. They have no fear and a very perceptive sense of right, wrong and the power of change. Meet Khloe. Khloe is a 9-year-old kid (although she was 8 when she became an activist) who noticed the differences between her particular privileges and the decided lack of privileges for some folks living around her and she decided to do something about it. So, she started her own organization called Khloe Kares. Khloe Kares is on a mission to engage in various types of community service and educate other kids on what’s going on in the world.


Their very first project was called Kare Bags and it was a family affair: Khloe and her grandma hand-sewed durable bags, filled them with everyday necessities, like toothpaste and soap, and distributed them to homeless women in her community. Next on the list? A toy drive for underprivileged kids. One step, one project at a time, Khloe is making a big difference in the world. Learn more about Khloe Kares and check out Khloe's GoFundMe page to help her help others. Her parents must be so proud of her!