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How Allegory Foundation works...

First, we partner with nonprofits, universities and other socially motivated organizations to create engaging marketing projects that highlight their great work.

Then we work with donors, grantors, and corporate sponsors to match them with the right projects. With their help, we significantly raise project budgets to raise awareness.

Allegory Foundation is a non-profit company with all of the resources of a regular production company. In addition to providing tax deductions, we also partner with other nonprofits to maximize exposure and design innovative fundraising solutions.


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About Allegory Foundation

With over two decades experience in the entertainment industry, we’ve written for, produced, and worked with companies including: New Line Cinema, Warner Bros, Disney, Universal, IFC Films, 20th Century Fox, Sony, Paramount, Focus Features, VH1, NBC, CMT, A&E, Good Machine, Lionsgate, and WB Network. We are seasoned, professional producers with expertise crafting stories of all kinds. MEET OUR TEAM >>

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