Kazoo Magazine Wants To Show Girls They Can Do Anything

There’s good news for little girls who want to read awesome magazines about awesome things written just for them. Good News! Now there's Kazoo Magazine! Kazoo is the brainchild of Erin Bried and her five-year-old daughter Ellie. They were looking  for some cool magazines to read together and just couldn’t find one. So, they decided to make their own.

Kazoo is a love letter to all the things little girls love to do and are so often told or feel they cannot. This one’s for the fort builders, the bookworms, the super heroes and the artists….you know, GIRLS.

Dedicated to cool things that aren’t always marketed to the sugar and spice set, this new publication promises to ring in a new side of publication for girls. All of their articles are developed with or inspired by women who rank top in their field or industry. Their Kickstarter campaign sold out in their first issue and in under 30 days it became the most successful publication crowdfunding campaign of all time. Can we just say a big THANK YOU to Kazoo for understanding that, as a girl, seeing yourself represented in a magazine means you can BE yourself in the real world.