The Human Kind Podcast is Ready to Binge!

Howdy, Upsiders!

One of our first projects is a podcast. You guys like podcasts right? You’re hip, you’re now, you’re happenin’?'s called “The Human Kind Podcast.” It’s a 12-part series that features conversations between two guests of varying racial backgrounds sitting down to talk about one thing and one thing only: race.

We were so lucky to be a fly on the wall for these conversations. The show is hosted by Allegory’s own Megahn Perry, Vidal Marsh of 8th Wonder Media Group and it’s produced by Vidal, Megahn and Allegory CEO, Katherine Brown.

It’s tough times out there, kids, but over at "The Human Kind Podcast" we’ve been focusing on bringing folks together no matter what color you’re coming from.

You can listen to the whole series here on iTunes or you can shoot over to the Allegory web site and listen on our “Human Kind Podcast” page. All 12 episodes are now available. Binge away!

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