Minds Matter is Closing the Achievement Gap

Minds Matter aims to transform the lives of accomplished high school students from low-income families by preparing them for college. Through a comprehensive 3-year program that includes intensive mentoring and academics, they empower young people from families with very little financial means to achieve college readiness and success.

So You Wanna Change The World?: 5 Steps to Starting Your Own Non-Profit Organization

Starting your own charitable cause is going to be a lot of hard work, no doubt about it. But, like they say, "Nothing worth doing is ever easy...and you’re going to want folks to be able to make tax deductible donations to you..." We’re not positive they say that last part, just FYI.

But regardless of the hard work ahead, here is a realistic list of first  steps you can take to start making your nonprofit a reality. And having incorporated a non-profit ourselves recently, we felt like we could share some of that experience here.

The Global Village Project Means the World To Us

At Allegory, we are striving to let the world know about the great things folks are doing here at home and abroad. One of our latest projects is a media venture centering around the amazing strides some of our newest citizens are making to become thriving members of their community. The Global Village Project is a non-profit school designed specifically for refugee girls. This three year program takes girls from all over the world whose education has been interrupted and prepares them to enter their local American high school. 

A Well That Creates Drinking Water From Thin Air

One in nine people worldwide lives without access to clean drinking water, but the WaterSeer seeks to solve that problem by creating water - out of thin air. The wind-powered device uses condensation to extract moisture from the air and collect up to 11 gallons of potable water every day. After a fan pushes air below ground, a metal chamber cools it and then water particles collect in a reservoir.

More Love, Less Fear...All Over the World

Watching the news can make anyone feel helpless these days. Fear is a powerfully disabling force. But thanks to The Preemptive Love Coalition, the non-profit on the ground in war torn parts of the world, fear has met its match on the streets.

Miracle Messages is Tackling Homelessness - One Family At A Time

The San Francisco-based non-profit Miracle Messages works by reconnecting people experiencing homelessness with family members from whom they have lost touch. Armed with video messages of the person they are helping, volunteer "detectives" take to the internet to track down long lost family members - and they are changing lives.

The Human Kind Podcast is Ready to Binge!

One of our first projects is a podcast. You guys like podcasts right? You’re hip, you’re now, you’re happenin’?'s called “The Human Kind Podcast.” It’s a 12-part series that features conversations between two guests of varying racial backgrounds sitting down to talk about one thing and one thing only: race.

Welcome to the Upside!

The Allegory Media Foundation is all about positivity and highlighting the good things happening in the world. Stay with us for news on all kinds of great things that we are happy to know about.

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