The Global Village Project Means the World To Us

At Allegory, we are striving to let the world know about the great things folks are doing here at home and abroad. One of our latest projects is a media venture centering around the amazing strides some of our newest citizens are making to become thriving members of their community. The Global Village Project is a non-profit school designed specifically for refugee girls. This three year program takes girls from all over the world whose education has been interrupted and prepares them to enter their local American high school. 

Allegory is creating an ongoing video series at the school where these girls’ stories will be recorded in their own words via audio, animated and released as 2-5 minute viral videos online with a call to action for donations going back to the school. We’ve procured a broad list of artists to help us draw these girls lives, ranging from fine artists to famous comic book artists, street artists and multi-media artists.

We want these young  ladies to exercise their agency in the world by being able to tell their own stories and to show them that the arts can take their words to millions of people they never thought they could reach. 

Check them out and click here to learn more and donate to the project!