Blendoor App Levels the Playing Field in Hiring

This might very well be the biggest game changer in hiring we’ve seen so far: a hiring app for companies looking to hire on merit, not molds. Stanford and MIT-trained engineer Stephanie Lampkin has developed Blendoor, a hiring app that keeps the age, gender and race of an applicant completely under wraps throughout the process.

Studies show that every single one of us carries unconscious biases of which we are completely unaware - that may be about someone's race, background, appearance, weight, hair color, etc. Stephanie hopes that companies who are doing their best to diversify their employee roster will step outside their comfort zones and hire solely on merit.

Having faced bias herself as a black woman in the tech world, she’s hoping to make it easier for those coming after her to get jobs they deserve based on their accomplishments. Last year Blendoor won the audience favorite “game changer” award at Google’s Demo Day. As of right now, they have signed on more than 400 companies, including Yahoo, Microsoft and Google. We can officially say, good times for better hiring practices that will, indeed, make the workplace….well, a better place to work. 


Click here to learn more about the Blendoor app. To test your own unconscious biases, check out this quiz from Harvard University's Project Implicit.