New Zine Aspires to Deliver Hope

Theo White is determined to inspire readers with his new zine. He feels that now more than ever is the time to encourage hope and solidarity. “Hope to me is never giving up, never giving in,” says White, aspiring to appeal to the outsiders, regardless of gender or ethnicity.

"I really wanted to create a zine that people like myself could relate to," he continues, " I wanted to see black men like myself on the pages of a magazine represented in a positive and creative light. I wanted to inspire anyone else like myself who often feels like an outsider that, 'Yes, you too can have your own magazine.' It takes great courage and resilient hope to put yourself and your vision out into the world."

TheoWhiteZine features photography, styling and insightful conversation and features a wilfully diverse cast of artists. A stylist by trade, Theo says, "I really try my best to live a life filled with happiness and joy, always looking at the bright side. Looking back on my life, hope was and still is one of my only sureties...

Hope to me is never giving up, never giving in....Acknowledging but never succumbing to the obstacles faced before you as you go forth on your journey. In the great words of Martin Luther King, Jr: 'We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.'”

Read the full interview with Theo White on Dazed here. The first issue of TheoWhiteZIne is on sale now and 10% of proceeds will be donated to the Terrence Higgins Trust, an HIV/AIDS charity.