Sock Company Doubles Down on Helping The Homeless

After discovering that socks are the #1 requested item in homeless shelters, the gang at Bombas decided to do something about it. They started a sock company with the express purpose of donating their product. For every pair of socks you buy from Bombas, the company gives a pair to a person in need. And the best part is that while researching how best to help the homeless, Bombas has made some amazing design innovations with their product.


These aren’t just ordinary socks, they are designed for maximum comfort and athletic performance. The word Bombas is derived from the latin word for bee and the company is so named because bees work together to get things done, using brilliant design to do it. Bombas took that idea and ran with it. Together, they and their costumers are giving back to the world while giving back to our collective feet.


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