BRITE Program Helps Seniors Remember In a Whole New Way

23% of folks over the age of 65 suffer from some kind of memory loss. Some of this cognitive loss could be the first steps towards Alzheimers or dementia and some of it is just plain, old fashioned getting old. Either way, the University of Pittsburgh’s BRITE program is helping seniors remember by offering them music lessons on the marimba.

The physical nature of the instrument allows for broad movement which tends to get the endorphins flowing and the neural pathways kicking and the lessons include short memory games including remembering and playing back notes in the right order. They combine these music lessons with things like hand weights, stretch bands, leg lifts and other light physical exercise on the theory that "the body is connected to the mind."

Not only does this sound like a great way to keep the gray matter sharp, it also sounds like a TON of fun. Sign us up! We’re there….if we can remember where we put our keys.


Read the full article from the Pittburgh Post Gazette here or click here to find out more about the BRITE program directly.